Has NATO finally run out of oomph?

by Don Keayes

Question: What does the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)/Organisation du traité de l’Atlantique Nord (OTAN) have in common with Australia?

Answer: We’re in the Southern Hemisphere and not the northern one, so that couldn’t be it. We’re a continent located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans (almost directly opposite the Atlantic Ocean), so that couldn’t be it. NATO was established in 1949 to ensure the collective security of what are now the Eurozone countries by the US, and we’re not one of those so that can’t be it.

Oh yeah, hang on. Despite Prime Minister Gillard’s best ‘Democratic Socialist’ efforts we haven’t yet run out of money like the US and EU. Perhaps that’s why we can still afford to send troops to fight their wars (the former Yugoslavia, Azerbaijan, fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan just to name a few) while their member states either can’t or won’t. Or maybe we’ve all just been mesmerised by their devilishly clever logo.